Volunteer: Wish List

Help Us Meet Our Goals!

We always appreciate the time you put in as a volunteer. These are among our goals that we'd like to achieve. Your time and effort will allow us to meet these goals as we can't do all of them on our own. Whether you take a large or small part in the completion of the services listed, you are needed! But, be creative! You're not limited to this list. To volunteer for any of these forms of service or to make a suggestion for the list, please call us at 908 979-0900 or use our Online Feedback Form.

House Party

You could have a House Party at your home. During the first week of rehearsal for a Centenary Stage Company Professional Play Presentation, you would host a party at your home to help introduce people to CSC and the upcoming play. You would invite people to the party and their ticket for attendance is to bring at least one other person who has never seen a Centenary Stage Company Play. Also in attendance would be various people associated with the upcoming play such as the actors, the director and/or the playwright. The food and cocktails would be provided by Centenary Performing Arts Guild, our producing organization.

Informational Outreach - Corporate, School, Other organizations

You would help us reach out to the community to let them know about our events. This could include assistance with calling people ("Did you know that...") or it could mean promoting our upcoming show and its discounts to schools, clubs and/or groups. You could even be responsible for organizing a fund raiser with one of these groups in support of Centenary Stage Company. Volunteer your time to pickup and hang promotional signs of upcoming events in your place of business or school. Add a promotional ad or write-up in your newsletter or on the back of your school menu or on a bulletin board. We can get creative with this.

Housing for Actors

From time to time CSC is in need of housing for out-of-state actors performing in shows. If you have a room to spare for a few days a week for the 3 weeks of rehearsal, please consider “Sponsoring” a CSC actor with housing. Join the CSC family of supporters! Your name will appear in the program as an official sponsor, you will be invited to special parties and celebrations related to the production, and CSC will provide you with complementary tickets for you and your family for the show!


See the show for free in exchange for supporting the arts in this way.

Fund Raising Gala

Assist with the organization of a fund raising gala including working with local business donations to go into the raffle, assisting in the organization of the party, identifying and contacting guests.

Office Volunteers

Assist with preparing mailers, phone coverage or filing - an hour or two a week would be very helpful. You could also help with the creation of email newsletters and broadcast messages as well as setup the group mail list.

Tell A Friend

This is the most basic way that you can support Centenary Stage Company. Simply tell a friend about us or invite them to go to a performance. A gift of a couple of tickets to an event would be a reasonable, unusual and very pleasing gift.

Remember, the donation of your time and services can fulfill certain community service requirements for schools, churches, scout organizations, corporations and other organizations, in addition to helping to bring quality arts events to the community. We are a not-for-profit performing arts organization. Call us at 908 979-0900 or use our Online Feedback Form to sign up as a volunteer!


Thank You!


Although we do receive in kind donation of space and utilities,
we do not receive any funding from Centenary College.