Past Events - 2007-2008 Season

School for Wives

Oct. 5 - 21, 2007   

By Molière The CSC Classic Comedy Series continues with this riotously funny gem from the 17th century by Molière. Out of his own experience and personal suffering, Molière crafted the play, School for Wives, a witty perfectly constructed gem of confusion that manages to chronicle the biggest hopes and lowest agonies of love.

Playwright: Molière
Directed By: Carl Wallnau



My Three Angels

Nov. 23-Dec. 9, 2007

It's Christmas Eve and it's only 105 degrees in the shade. Welcome to French New Guiana where paroled convicts from the local penal colony move about with relative freedom. My Three Angels takes a warm witty romantic look at our long-standing moral convictions of what is right and what is wrong. My Three Angels is an old fashioned and wonderfully crafted fable to take home for the Holidays.

Playwright:    Samuel & Bella Spewack  
Directed By:   Ed Mathews


Daphne Does Dim Sum

Feb. 22 - Mar. 9, 2008

Developed in our Women Playwrights Series!

What happens when two Chinese mavens slug it out over who has the best shrimp puffs, the best date for the dance, the best "Hong Kong" ring, and who will pay the check? "Mai Dan!" happens of course! Don't miss this delightful new play by San Francisco playwright, Eugenie Chan.

Playwright:    Eugenie Chan    (Interview with Eugenie)

Directed By:   Kate Lyn Reiter  (About Kate Lynn)

Music and Dance Events - 2007-08 Season:

The New Jersey Ballet  
Sat., Nov. 3  /  Sun., Nov. 4, 2007

Guy Davis   
Sat., Feb. 9, 2008

La Vita Williams Guitar Duo  
Sat., Mar. 29, 2008

Jeffrey Gaines  
Sat., Apr. 12, 2008