Past Events - 2005-2006 Season


Oct.7 - 23, 2005   

The subjects of seduction, hypocrisy and greed sparked a ferocious scandal after the first reading of Jean Baptiste Poquelin' timeless comedy, "Tartuffe." The controversy was so provocative that years would go by before the play would pass the scrutiny of the ministers of King Louis XIV. Religious hypocrisy was at the core of the controversy, and the one of the driving issues of the play. But Poquelin, better known to contemporary audiences as Moliere, slid by the censors by peppering his now-famous comedy with all the hilarity of a situation comedy today, with thwarted lovers, a bossy maid, an easily duped husband, a controlling mother-in-law and the deviously self-righteous Tartuffe himself, who is not at all as religious as he would like his hosts to believe.

    Playwright: Moliere
    Directed By: Carl Wallnau


Sight Unseen

Nov. 4 - 20, 2005

Playwright:    Donald Margulies  

An absence of faith marks the dilemma of the main character in CSC's second production, "Sight Unseen," by Donald Margulies. Jonathan Waxman is a celebrated artist who, despite immense popularity, is a man who has lost his moorings in life . In denial of his heritage, Waxman embarks on a quest for something more meaningful in his life. His soul-searching leads him to visit Patricia , his former lover whom he dismissed in favor of his career over a decade before. In this provocative and moving drama about how success changes an individual, playwright Margulies examines the complexities of cultural heritage in this age and the impact of materialism on quality of life.


The Poetry Of Pizza

Feb. 24 - Mar. 12, 2006

Playwright:    Deborah Brevoort

When American University professor Sarah Middleton arrives in Denmark to teach at Copanhagen University, her life is irrevocably thrown off-course when she suddenly and unexpectedly falls in love with a Kurdish pizzamaker, in the new romantic comedy by Deborah Brevoort, "The Poetry of Pizza", which will make its World Premiere at the Centenary Stage Company in February. In this comic and touching new play, the unlikely courtship of the two romantics from different cultures arouses the curiosity and passions of everyone around them, setting in motion a rash of culinary courtships and a chaotic comedy of errors. Playwright Deborah Brevoort is the prize winning author best known for her moving play, "The Women of Locherbie." The "Poetry of Pizza" will have its World Premiere on the Centenary stage.

Music and Dance Events - 2005-06 Season:

 One World Tribe  
Sat., Oct. 29, 2005

Zydeco A Go Go   
Sat., Feb. 4, 2006

Simple Gifts  
Sat., Apr. 1, 2006

NJ Ballet  
Sat.,  Apr. 22, 2006    and     Sun., Apr. 23, 2006