Past Events - 2002-2003 Season

The Tillie Project

Oct. 11 - 27, 2002 

Over 100 years ago the murder of a kitchen worker rocketed Hackettstown to national prominence. Many say her ghost still haunts the college grounds. The Tillie Project will finally get to the truth about the mystery of "Tillie."

"Tillie Walk" Details - Sun., Oct. 27th (last of several Tillie Walks)

Playwright: Jeanne Murray Walker
Interview with the Playwright

Park Your Car In Harvard Yard

Nov. 8 - 23, 2002  

The hilarious, deeply moving tale about the toughest, meanest teacher ever to set foot in Gloucester High School and the housekeeper he hires to look after him, forgetting that he had flunked her... and her mother and father before her. Catch the Broadway hit this November.

Playwright: Israel Horowitz


Alice In Ireland

Feb. 28 - Mar. 15

Playwright: Judy Sheehan

It's the comic misadventures of a modern day "Alice" who decides to make a pilgrimage to Ireland to get in touch with her "roots." Developed in our own Women Playwrights Project.      Playwright - Judy Sheehan

"The cast is 'brilliant' as the Irish say...
top notch from top to bottom."
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2002 - 2003 Music and Dance Events and Programs:

    NJ Ballet

    New Trad Octet

    Kartik-Seshadri Ensemble

    String Trio Of New York