Past Events - 1998-1999 Season

Scotland Road

Oct. 9 - Oct. 24, 1998

In the last decade of the 20th century, a beautiful young woman in nineteenth century clothing is found floating on an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic.  When rescued, she says only one word: Titanic.  The woman is taken to an isolated spot for six days of  interrogation.  An elaborate cat and mouse game develops to crack her story and get her to confess she's a fake. Nothing is really as it seems in the end...

Cold Storage

Feb. 19 - Mar. 6, 1999

In this play (by Ronald Ribman) of exceptional wit and sensitivity, an investment advisor in fine art encounters an Armenian fruit and vegetable merchant in the roof garden of a New York hospital, where the Armenian unravels the paralyzing truth about his companion and the price he paid to survive the Holocaust.

Road to Mecca

April 23 - May 8, 1999

An Athol Fugard play of an elderly artist has created a refuge of art in the South African veldt after the death of her husband. She creates a "Mecca" of life-sized cement sculptures in her yard.  It is through her persistent affirmation through art, even in the face of desolation, that she redeems her life and the lives of those touched by her.